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Setting Up a Salon Business in Dubai


Today’s lifestyle and modern corporate culture requires well-groomed people. Most of the people in Dubai, both locals and expats, don’t hesitate to spend money to get that perfect charm. The need of beauty treatments and high standard of living are the reasons which keeps salon business always in demand and highly profitable in Dubai. Due to presence of people of various nationalities in Dubai, beauty specialists and hair stylists have lot of opportunities to use their talent to run their salon in Dubai successfully.

To start your own salon business in Dubai you need to make yourself aware of the requirements and cost factors associated with the license. One can open a beauty salon either in Dubai mainland or in any of the free zones having the salon activity in Dubai. But it is advisable and more appropriate to open a salon in Dubai mainland as running this type of business is more profitable for areas with dense population. Dubai mainland can be the best option where you can easily attract more customers. You also have the option to choose the size and type of salon according to the area available or which suits your budget.

Factors to Consider for Opening a Beauty Salon in Dubai

Before you decide to setup a beauty salon license in Dubai, it is important to know the basic factors mentioned below:

Salon type: First you need to decide on whether you want to start a hair salon only or would you be also providing additional services like manicures, pedicures, and so on. For whatever therapeutic or beauty equipments you are going to use in your salon, you have to get prior approval on it from Dubai Health Authority. Also, you need to decide if you are looking to cater a men’s only salon or a women’s salon.

License and Permits: Ensure to have a valid trade license like, no-objection certificate from external authorities and any other permits that are necessary for smooth conduct of your business. Be aware of the laws and regulations of Dubai and it is advisable to have a good insurance policy that can protect your business against any lawsuits.

Finances: Estimate your initial costs before you begin your business and plan on how you would be safeguarding the finances for your salon’s business and its growth at a later stage.

Location: Choose the location as per your targeted demographic and the budget you have for the shop.

Setting up a salon business in Dubai

Where to register your beauty salon?

The Department of Economic Development (DED) is the licensing regulating authority for businesses in Dubai. The license for salon business in Dubai mainland is subject to Dubai municipality’s rules and regulations.

The activities in which salon business in Dubai is allowed are:

Activity Name: Men Salon
Activity Code: 9602101
Activity Group: Gents salon
License Type: Professional
Activity Description: Includes firms engaged in hairdressing and other beauty treatment, involving, trimming and cutting, dyeing, waving, straightening, hair fixing, as well as cosmetic treatments, including skin cleansing, skin hair removal, facial aesthetic, foot care, supporting hair strength, also, internal doors should remain unlocked as well as bearing glass to allow revealing the interior of the rooms.
Activity Name: Women Salon
Activity Code: 9602201
Activity Group: Ladies salon
License Type: Professional
Activity Description: Includes ladies salons involved in beautification and hair care, including, hair washing, trimming, setting, dyeing, waving, straightening, hair fixing, henna services, as well as cosmetic treatments, which involve the makeup, skin cleansing, skin hair removal, facial aesthetic, foot care, nail manicures and treatment, micro blading, also, internal doors should remain unlocked as well as bearing glass to allow revealing the interior of the rooms.

External Approval

Health and safety department approval is required to register the license and also the location approval from Dubai municipality- Planning department. The below factors needs to be considered for running a beauty salon:

  • Trade license: A valid professional trade license from the authority
  • Staff requirements: Occupational health card from DM, uniforms. Must maintain hygiene
  • Premises: The location approval from DM- planning department and sign board at the entrance of salon, size for the saloon shall not be less than 3.0m width x 3.5m length for one dressing chair and in case if you want to add more chairs the distance shall not be less than 1.0 m between chairs,
  • Furniture: Furniture’s should be clean and suitable with sufficient lighting
  • Water source and drainage: Should have a proper water source and drainage facility. Should have a water heater in the salon
  • Floor and ceiling: The Floor and ceiling height in the work area should not be less than 2.30 meters
  • Separated area: Separated area shall be designated for manicure, pedicure, hair removing, henna designing & facial. Area for each activity must not be less than (2.50×1.50) meter provided with proper partition. Facial room shall be provided with wash basin.
  • Fire proof materials: Preparation area for hair removing materials shall be made from fire proof materials.
  • DHA approval: If using any therapeutic or beauty equipments, you should get prior approval from Dubai Health Authority.
  • Oriental bath: Should be provided with exhaust fan, changing room and cupboard provided with towels
  • Additional requirements: Cupboard and drawers, sufficient number of towels, disinfectant materials, waste bin, first aid box, fire extinguisher as approved by civil defense, sterilizer, exhaust fan and basins surrounded with ceramic tiles not less than half meter

Cost for the license issued for salon business set up is a professional license. The cost for setting up a salon license will be approx AED 9,538 plus 2.5% as market fees (annual rent of the shop). The shop rental cost will be additional which is based on geographical area and size. A fit out contractor should be hired by you to do the interior work as per the Dubai municipality guidelines. The salon license will be issued from the Department of Economic Development with the approval of Dubai municipality.

This blog post is written by Mr. Sajeev, Senior Business Consultant at Flyingcolour, a leading Business Setup, VAT and Accounting Services company based in Dubai. To understand more on the regulations of the Dubai Municipality for the salon license set up fees and process, please feel free to contact us. Send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366.

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