Points to Consider When Setting up Pharmacy Business in Dubai (DHA)
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Setting up Pharmacy Business in Dubai (DHA)


As in many organizations, when setting up an effective Pharmacy (Drug Store), the area place is definitive. Notwithstanding the fact of the matter being proper (least size required by well being reconnaissance, offices, and so on.) ought to be a decent stream point/Vehicles, stopping, satisfactory neighborhood and no abundance of rivalry.
The higher the population of the Proposed place, the better the area to set up a Pharmacy (drug store). Knowing precisely how to set up a business is vital to progress when setting up a Pharmacy (drug store) since all organizations have a comparative fundamental structure.

Subsequently, it is important to completely assess the essential criteria previously picking the place to set up the Pharmacy (drug store). With the point of decreasing business hazards by immobilizing less capital, the best decision is to lease a place and not purchase. To confirm that a Pharmacy (drug store) can be set up in the proper place, it is important to check with your Business Consultant all criteria of building up such business.

Beginning Investment to Set Up a Pharmacy:

The estimation of the underlying venture can shift from USD 30,000/- to USD 150,000/- , contingent upon the physical structure, area, target gathering of people and timing deals structure picked by the business person. For instance, the sum expected to set up a Pharmacy (drug store) in a capital city, with the great neighbourhood and high obtaining power, is surely substantially more noteworthy.
Another correlation is to set up a Pharmacy (drug store) with a 30/60/90 day term deals approach, which will require significantly more working capital since you will set aside the opportunity to get the deals and purchase for all intents and purposes in locate, which is the sort of procurement of a drug store, which will therefore suggest more noteworthy beginning venture.

Work to Build a Pharmacy

The workforce can be particular or prepared by the capable drug specialist himself. The quantity of workers will likewise rely upon the structure of the drug store. When setting up a drug store it is MANDATORY to have a capable affirmed drug specialist. This director ought to be a guaranteed master by the well being expert.
A decent tip to expand your benefits is to offer control administrations, including, can give drugs to nursing homes, clinics, malignancy treatment establishments et cetera.

Inventory (Stock)
In order to start a New Pharmacy, another huge cost is purchasing stock. The franchisor may decide the level of stock. If not, you can choose the definite amount you need to spend on stock. The total expense on stock can fluctuate significantly. With progressions in stock—receiving orders, total sale, tracking and shipping, you should not have to keep a lot of stock available since you can get what you require quickly.

Company Registration
The Following Departments come into picture for establishment of Pharmacy (Drug Store)
1. Operating license from Authority (Dubai Economic Department);
2. Certified Pharmacist ‘Administrator’;
3. Registration with Municipality (Department of Health and Public Safety);
4. Registration at the Regional Health Authority (Dubai Health Authority)

The Dubai health authority is the entity which issues license to start a retail pharmacy in Dubai. Some of the requirements I am giving below :
1- You need to rent a place which should not be less than 30 sq. meters in area.
2- You have to appoint a pharmacist who will work in your pharmacy and who must be holding a DHA pharmacist license. Or if you are a pharmacist you can start the process of getting pharmacist license from DHA to work in your own pharmacy.
3- A local UAE national sponsor is required to get trade license from the Dubai Economic dept. (To start a pharmacy you need two licenses. One from the Dubai Economic Department and other Dubai health authority.

If you are interested to establish a Pharmacy Business in the UAE it is better to consult first with an authorize company formation specialist. We at Flying Colour have previous experience in establishing such Licenses in UAE. For more Information you can contact us on info@flyingcolour.com.

This blog post is written by Ms. Shweta. Feel free to call our Business Adviser today for a quality consultation relating your queries. Please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366.

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