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Start a Security Company in Dubai


Security Company in Dubai

From home to the digital world, the demand for security companies is growing in Dubai. Indeed, you have guessed it right! You can obtain access to profits by Establishing security business in Dubai as revenue in the UAE’s security sector is expected to reach $7.5 million* by the end of this year and increase boost to $12.5 million* by 2026.

While a Security services startup in Dubai can be more profitable for you, you must perform several steps to set up your security business in this city. Today, we will provide an in-depth guide to starting your security company. Plus, we will discuss other essential information to begin your security business in this Emirate. 

Start a Security Company in Dubai

UAE Security Industry – Overview

Before diving into the process of starting a security business in Dubai, it would be best for you to get an overview of the security industry in the United Arab Emirates (UAE). 

You might be surprised to learn that the security industry in the Middle East has been growing in recent years. The government has made great efforts to better protect their people, like you, businesses, and assets. 

Do you know research analysts at Frost & Sullivan predict that the broader security market in the Middle East is worth around $ 10 billion*? This industry involves services, subsectors, and products from CCTV surveillance to alarms and ID systems. 

On top of this, this region sees many expos, events, and high-profile functions that increase demand for security guards and security tools whether to protect VIPs or key sites and premises. All these factors make the UAE and Dubai an excellent place to start your security company. So, let us move towards the next section to know how you can begin your security company in Dubai. 


Steps to initiate your security company in Dubai

When considering starting your security company in Dubai, you should get ready to follow a few steps as you must follow some steps to start this business in this city. Let us take a look at the steps to begin your security company in this city:


➦ Decide on your trade name

To begin your security business in Dubai, you should initially give a perfect name to your security service. When deciding on your security service name, you must adhere to numerous guidelines as the UAE has set many naming guidelines.

You must ensure that your security service name doesn’t include any offensive element or religious reference. You should also ensure your selected name is available for registration. Therefore, you should put forward and submit a few potential names for registration.


➦ Choose a location

After deciding the trade name for your security business, you should determine whether you want to start your security company in the Mainland or Free Zone. If you choose Mainland, you can trade directly with the local market. Plus, you must bid for a state contract because it is necessary in the field of facilities management.

On the other hand, you can enjoy complete exemptions from customs tax if you choose the Dubai Free Zone. Moreover, you will also enjoy full repatriation in the Free Zone. Plus, there is no currency restriction or exchange control in these areas. Therefore, you should choose the perfect location as per your requirements. 


➦ Obtain a trade license

Next, you should apply and obtain the UAE trade license for your Security services startup in Dubai. You can acquire this trade license for your security business from the Department of Economic Development (DED) if you choose Mainland in the previous step. In contrast, you should get the license from the relevant Free Zone authority if you select a free zone.


➦ Get the visa

After obtaining the trade license for your security company in Dubai, you should move forward to get the visa for yourself. For this procedure, you must undergo a medical and fitness test. As a trade license holder, you can sponsor your staff, your family, or your spouse. 


➦ Open a corporate bank account

Lastly, you should open your corporate bank account in any bank in the UAE for your security business as this bank account will let you receive and make payments. For non-GCC citizens, starting a bank account might be complicated. However, Flyingcolour Business Setup can make this process easier for you with their expertise. Remember, the UAE corporate bank account will convert your business into a more professional one. 

If you think the process for Forming security agency in Dubai has ended, you are mistaken because you also need a security license from SIRA. Are you wondering how can you obtain this license? In that case, you should move to the next section. 

Start a Security Company in Dubai

How to get the security license from SIRA?

A security license from SIRA is also essential to initiate your security service in Dubai. All security guards must undergo SIRA training to obtain this license. The following is the list of steps to start training and get a security license from SIRA:


  1. Initially, you should register online through the SIRA website.
  2. Once you have registered yourself, you must submit the required documents by attending the SIRA Cadre Training Centre. Keep reading to know what documents you want to submit at this step. 
  3. Lastly, you must complete the SIRA course as it is designed to provide you with an overview of security best practices and help you reduce risk. By completing this course, you can safeguard your client, and their belonging and comply with all relevant regulations. 


Documents required for SIRA training

As discussed above, you must submit a few documents to obtain SIRA training. Below is the list of documents you need to submit for this training:


  • Copy of your Emirates ID
  • Medical fitness certificate
  • Application form
  • Colors passport photos
  • Copy of your passports
  • Copy of your residency visa


How can Flyingcolour Business Setup help you?

From choosing the trade name to obtaining the SIRA license, you have to go through several complex steps to start a Security Company in Dubai. Your single mistake can ruin your dream to begin your security business in this city. Flyingcolour Business Setup can help you to set up your security firm in this Emirate without committing any mistakes. 

To learn more about Catering and Food Delivery Service Business in Dubai, book a free consultation with one of the Flyingcolour team advisors, simply call +97144542366 or send WhatsApp messages to +971554413566. you can also drop an email to info (at) flyingcolour (dot) com.

Please note that this article was published on  13/06/2024 by the federal policies and updates at the time of writing. For the latest info please talk to our consultant.


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