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Starting a Daycare Business In UAE


Cultural diversity and visionary policies of leaders in UAE have made the country a land of investment. UAE is the 30th largest economy in the world and No.1 in the Middle East. The prosperity in the economy is due to the work force in the country along with the business-centric economic policies designed time to time by the Government of UAE.

Out of total population in UAE, most of the people are either employed or entrepreneurs who have to be engaged during the business hours. Those who are employed or in entrepreneurship and settled with family may not be able to manage their kids at least during their work hours due to the responsibilities entrusted with them. The prime option left with the parents will be to leave the kids in daycare centers before leaving for the job and pick them after the retrace from the work. The nursery education to the kids is an additional benefit to the parents along with the attention to their kids while they chose daycare.

Points To Be Noted For Daycare Business

Daycare centers are to be sophisticated, passing through various due diligence procedures, and have a responsibility relationship with the parents and community. The safety and security of the kids are the most important aspects of daycare centers. The area of center needs to finalized which plays an important role and the targeted type of clients will be based in the area of daycare centers. The below mentioned points needs to be considered before entering in to the business.

  • The type of daycare center needs to concluded before entering into the business which means whether a home-based daycare center or different designated place for running the center.
  • The age group of kids to be taken care of
  • The safety and security measures
  • Qualified Administration
  • Education necessities
  • Nutritious foods to be provided to kids
  • Other special equipment

A few documents which are required to initiate the license in Dubai are listed below. The documents need to be submitted to the relevant government department:

  •  Profile and attested degree certificate of the owner.
  •  Passport copy of the entrepreneur and Emirati partner.
  •  Police Clearance Report.
  •  The location and drawing for the proposed daycare center.
  •  Municipality and Civil Defense approval.

The license procedure combines a set of approvals from different government departments. Below mentioned are the necessary steps to be undergone before/during the processing of daycare center license.

1. Business Plan
A detailed business plan has to be made which contains the description of the proposed company, possible opportunities and threats, area of operation, targeted market, requirements and qualifications of human assets, marketing plans, operational plans and financial plans.

2. Locate the facility
Business location plays a vital role in the daycare centers. Proper area for the different requirements like study, play, food, rest etc. needs to be ascertained. The accessibility of the location is important and it must be in a key residential area along with ample transportation facility. A place away from noise and air pollution needs to be considered. The location also needs to have a play area/playground nearby and the facility should also have the availability of a first-aid room in-house.

3. Equipment Facility
The equipment for various areas needs to be determined very carefully which are prima facie impression maker for your clients. It includes the toys, entertainment facilities which makes the clients to compare with other daycare centers and make up their mind for admission. None of the parents will be ready to compromise the security of the kids and facilities to ensure the safety needs to guaranteed.

4. Get the Business License
After submitting the required documents in Department of Economic Development, Dubai (DED, Dubai) insisted by government departments along with external approval from Dubai Municipality/Civil Defence for the layout and approval from Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA)/Ministry of Education (as applicable), the Professional license will be issued. Once the license is issued, as per the approved layout, the area needs to be designed to get the final approval from Dubai Municipality.

Upon the issuance of license, the immigration and labor card for the company needs to be processed in order to get the visa for the Manager and the required staffs. At the time of inspection from Dubai Municipality for the final approval the interior design and the human assets will be inspected.

This blog is written by Mr. Firoz, Business Advisor at Flyingcolour Business Setup, VAT and Accounting Services, Dubai. If you have any question regarding setting up a daycare center in Dubai or anywhere across the UAE then please contact us at +971 4 4542366 or email us at info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com.

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