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Starting a Laundry Servicing Business in Dubai: Is It Profitable?


Dubai being the commercial and tourist hub it is, attracts millions of people to the city for professional as well as leisure purposes. The population of the city is increasing on a daily basis and so is the amount of people traveling to and fro from various parts of the world. Many people are making the city their home and a fair number of them are workers or students who rely on quality services for laundry and drycleaning. This has led to increasing demand for such services in the city, making the laundry and dry cleaning business profitable in the city.

Laundry services in Dubai undertake both manual and automatic washing of clothes, curtains, bedsheets, carpets, and the like. Hotels, hospitals, restaurants, spas, etc. rely on laundry services on a daily basis and so do the residents. The approval from Department of Econonmic Development (DED) is essential to start a laundry business, and  utmost care is expected by the authorities regarding safety and cleanliness of the firm. With more business firms establishing their companies in the city and people pouring in, the laundry business is undoubtedly an “evergreen” business in Dubai.

The following are a few reasons why setting up a laundry business in Dubai is profitable:

  • Dubai is moving forward to become the Commercial Hub of the world which would attract even more people to the city.
  • The hospitality sector is very active in Dubai and more commercial and residential areas are being built in the city.
  • Residents in Dubai have a high standard of living and they expect it to be shown in their appearance as well, leading them to rely on professional laundry and drycleaning services in the city.
  • Most workers and students lean on professional laundry services on a daily basis as it is efficient and time effective.
  • More hotels and restaurants are being set up in the city which has increased the demand for professional laundry services.
  • Dubai also hoards world-class medical facilities like hospitals and clinics.
  • Dubai offers a business-friendly environment.
  • Dubai is the best place to start SMEs as the laws and regulations are friendly and favorable.
  • More and more people are making Dubai their home with the recent economic developments and events like EXPO 2020 are attracting people from all over the world to the city.
  • Dubai is commutable and has pleanty of resources whenever necessary.

Dubai is a multicultural city with over 3M people and the number is expected to rise higher in the coming years. Starting a laundry business in Dubai is easy and profitable with the help of a professional who is adept with the laws, regulations, and latest developments of the city. For the past 17 years, Flying Colour Business Setup has been helping clients set up their businesses in easy and hassle-free manner. Please feel free to mail your queries at or contact us at +971 4 4542366.

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