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Top 10 Careers for Educated Women in Dubai


Careers for Educated Women in Dubai

Dubai is seen as one of the fastest-growing cultural and business centres in the world. The city attracts visitors from all over the world, either to marvel at its natural and manufactured wonders (their skyscrapers alone are already the stuff of legend) or to begin work in their thriving business world. However, it could also be argued that Dubai, while a beautiful city with much to offer, has been making slow progress with regard to women’s rights. As it stands currently, 80% of Dubai’s women are classed as home workers, meaning that a significant proportion of the female population is without careers. While there’s nothing wrong with this provided it’s a personal choice, there is a concern over the representation of women in the larger workforce, especially considering the increasing numbers of women entering higher education. This matter is of interest to organisations like Nord Anglia Education Dubai, and in light of this the city has taken this as an opportunity to review the reasons behind this and attempt to introduce educated women into higher positions of work. With this is mind, let’s take a look at some of the best careers for educated women in Dubai.


1. Education:

As a profession, education has always been open to women and is seen as a noble one at that. Teaching can be a very rewarding experience for both genders and can also represent a long, successful career in the field.


2. Medicine:

For a long time, the idea of women working in medicine has been frowned upon in Dubai’s traditional culture as it involves the touching of unfamiliar men and working long hours. Now, more and more women are training for medical roles and helping to overturn these views.


3. Government:

Ever since Sheika Lubna Qasimi was appointed Economics and Planning Minister in 2004, the floodgates have been opened for women to enter into governmental positions. There’s still a long way to go, of course, but improvements are being made.

4. Administration:

Administrative positions are very popular amongst Dubai’s women and make up a good chunk of the working percentage. It’s a very broad profession and lends itself well to those with qualifications.


5. Business:

The business world of Dubai has been more open to women, offering them the chance to start a business from home if they are bound to more traditional or religious views.


6. IT:

A subject growing in popularity amongst Dubai’s women, IT gives women the chance to show their stuff with computers in a traditionally male-dominated industry.


7. Police Officer:

Dubai’s press has been proudly vaunting the increase in women employed in what are regarded as more dangerous professions such as law enforcement.


8. Law:

In 2008, Dubai saw the swearing-in of the first female judge, followed by the first female registrar. Women are now being introduced into the law profession where they were once forbidden.


9. Civil Service:

Over 22% of employees at the National Federal Council are female, suggesting that working in the civil service would be a great opportunity for women.


10. Military:

While still prohibited from serving on the front line, it remains that the United Arab Emirates military is making astonishing progress with regards to gender equality. Women are offered almost the same opportunities and training as their male counterparts, and there’s a wide range of roles to take in such a profession.

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