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UAE 10 Year Visa Requirements


UAE 10 Year Visa Eligibility

Most awaiting announcement for UAE 10 Year Visa Requirements or long term Investor visa announced this week in UAE opens up new avenues for investors, entrepreneurs, specialized talents, Merit Students and researchers enduring opportunities in many segments. There lies some terms & conditions in order to qualify for dubai 10 year visa. The visa benefits are extended to sponsor spouse and children with similar benefits to encourage well integrated families and social structure in the region.
Here are the chosen categories and uae 10 year visa eligibility

1. Investors

• 5 year visa for investors who invest worth Dh 5 Million or more.
• Renewable 10 years visa for investors of established companies & Business Partnership of Dh 10 million or more.
• The amount which is invested in the country should be wholly owned by investor.
• Investor should have retention on his investment for at least 3 years in the country.

2. Entrepreneurs

• This covers two categories of entrepreneur which is 5 years multi entry visa for entrepreneur having a previous project with Dh500, 000. Or approval from an accredited business incubator in the region. They further get the possibility of upgrading their visa to investor visa provided that they meet all requirements.
• Second Entrepreneurs, partners and executive directors can enter in the country for 6months multi entry visa which can be renewed for further 6 months.

3. Specialist & Researchers

• Visa for 10 years for doctors, specialists, scientist and researchers and creative individuals in the field of art & culture.
• Above visa allotments includes benefits to spouse and children and are subject to certain condition and upon valid employment contract in specialized fields.
• Doctors and Specialist should meet at least 2 of the following criteria in order to get eligible for long term visa:
• If applicant holds PhD Degree from one of the top 500 universities in the world.
• If applicant is a holder of any award or certificate of appreciation for work in his jurisdiction.
• If applicant have contributed to submit extensive scientific research in his field.
• If applicant Holds specialization in areas of priority to the UAE.
• If applicant is a holder of PhD degree with 10 years professional experience in his field of work.
• If applicant has published articles or scientific research books in distinguished publication in his related field of work.
• If applicant is a holder of Mohammed Bin Rashid Medal for scientific excellence.
• If applicant is a scientists and accredited by Emirates Scientist Council.
• If applicant secures a membership in an organization upon submitting his excellent research works in his related field.

4. Outstanding Students

5 years visa for students scores at least 95% in secondary school and distinction of at least 3.75 GPA upon graduation also benefits will extend to the facilities of these outstanding students.

Above strategy will further strengthen the sector making UAE a magnet for the affluent in search of not just a better and promising lifestyle but also create a strategic location for investor and entrepreneurs to explore their business and career prospects in the region.

The blog post UAE 10 Year Visa Requirements is written by Ms. Shweta. Feel free to call our Business Adviser today for a more detail on long term visa related queries. Please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366

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