What are the Various DED License Options For Setting Up a Business in Dubai? | FlyingColour
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What are the Various DED License Options For Setting Up a Business in Dubai?


When applying for a DED License in Dubai as a business proprietor, Mainland Dubai or Free zone. It helps in determining where you want to commence and also you are required to register the business with DED Dubai. To start the business in Mainland Dubai it is required to get familiar with the procedures before setting up the business in DED Dubai.

The freezone and Mainland has over 2000 business operations going on and DED Dubai may issue a trade license. The business activities are categorized into manufacturing, commercial, technical, crafts, agricultural, tourism, and more.

Here is the list of various DED Licenses issues based on these categories

Industrial Licenses

  • Industrial Licenses are issued to the companies that commence any type of production activity. These businesses work on converting natural materials or resources that are turned into finished goods or profit-selling products.
  • The 51% of the company shares of the company are owned by the UAE nationals

Commercial License

  • The companies who are engaged in one or any other form of commercial trade operation are offering physical facilities such as general trading, specialized trading, leasing, real estate, transportation, healthcare, and more commercial license.
  • The commercial license for companies with foreign ownership in Dubai is given as a Limited Liability company which is one of the most common legal entities.
  • The partners are liable only to the extent of their share capital when signing off the Memorandum of Agreement and LLC.
  • 51% of the company’s shares are owned by UAE nationals while 49 percent are by foreign investors. 

Professional Licenses

  • Professional licenses are obtained by the people who offer non-physical services in the UAE such as consulting.
  • Professional licenses are offered to individuals and consultancies that tend to offer professional services who are skilled workers as their work entirely depends on their knowledge and experience, mental and intellectual abilities, academic achievement, and other talents that one can use to conduct the business. The practitioners include a series of advisors, prosecutors, auditors, and more.

Craftsmanship Licenses

  • Craftsmanship Licenses are offered to people who tend to make crafts and other artisanal works that help you in retaining more profits.
  • The craftsmanship licenses are required for commencing carpentry, blacksmithing, printing, and more.

Tourism Licenses 

  • A tourism License is issued to the owners of tourism-related facilities such as hotels, resorts, restaurants, camps, and more.
  • The three key categories in which travel agency licenses are issued i.e. Inbound Tourism Operators, Outbound Tourism Operators, and Travel Agents.

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