Why PRO services outsourcing is beneficial over company PRO?
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Why PRO services outsourcing (Retainer Contract) is beneficial over company PRO?


PRO/Government Liaison Services are essentially the integral part of every UAE business and is considered to be the most difficult job when it comes to lack of human resources and knowledge about day to day applications in Government Departments.

Everyday a UAE Based company needs to submit any of the following applications:

Address Change LLC License Renewal
E-Gate Employment Visa
Husband’s Residence Visa Labour Fine
Attestation Correction of Date of Birth
Ejari-Tenancy Contract Registration Employment rules
Immigration Clearance Labour Guarantee Refund
Bank Guarantee Refund DED Services
Embassies & Consulates Employment Visa
Immigration Establishment Card Renew-Company
Legalization at UAE Embassy Car Registration
Emirates ID Dependent sponsorship
Import Export License E-Signature Card
Certificate Attestation License Cancellation
Employment ban Change of Designations
Investor Visa Mission Visas
Change of Profession License Modification at DM
Employment Contract Attest from Consulate Driving License Attestation
Labour Establishment Card Family Visa
License Renewal-Contracting Maid Visa
Local Service Agent ECNR Registration

Now the question arises, if a company has to take care of all these applications then how many PROs can be hired to work efficiently and complete the applications while avoiding delays.

Hiring a PRO is again an expense to the company and providing all resources for fulfilling his/her job responsibilities tends to increase company expenses for Transport, Fuel, Telephone facilities, Salaries, Visa expenses, Desk Space, Documentation etc.

Below is the comparison table for every company who wishes to outsource non-core activities including PRO services to Professional companies like Flying Colour Business Setup Services which are working to provide quality PRO services to a large volume of companies in UAE since many years.

Comparison In house PRO (Employee) Out sourced PRO (Professional Company)
Hiring Cost AED 8,000.00 approx. None.
Office Space /Desk Space Required Not required.
Training Expenses Required Not required.
Fixed Costs of Allowances – Transport, Fuel, Telephone, Computer, Salaries, Printing and Stationery, medical Insurance and Air-ticket. AED 10,000.00 / month No operational expense required. Service Charge for a Retainer package of outsourced PRO services will be applicable
Annual expenses : Visa Renewal, Travelling Expenses including Air-Ticket, Annual Leave Salary, Leave Compensation, Insurance AED 15,000 or more Not required.
Operational Efficiency – As many Government authorities namely DED, MOL, Tasheel, Immigration, Municipality, KHDA, DHA, Courts, Civil Defence have limited working timings so one or two PROs’ cannot efficiently perform their daily tasks and hence companies face delays in government applications. Unlike in house PROs’, Professional company like Flying Colour has more than 40 employees working efficiently to handle government applications and there are dedicated PROs for handling specific departments applications. This removes the hassle of roaming on roads to reach to the other department during short working hours of the day.

Summarizing Greatest Advantages:

Free yourself from the hassles of hiring, training and retaining non-core staff like PROs.

Minimize Fixed Costs & Overheads including Allowances, Recruitment & training expenses, space, Printing & stationary, Medical insurance, Air-ticket, Annual Leave Encashment and sick leaves as well as Computers & other equipment required by such staff.

Avoid serious errors and / or mistakes by obtaining services of highly qualified and experienced professionals at affordable costs.

To summarize, there are so many advantages of using an outsourced PRO Services company than hiring one Individual PRO as using an outsourced PRO Firm is cost-effective and in simple words, it is one versus many professionals.

This article is written by Mr. Ali Usman (Senior Business Consultant) in flyingcolour business setup services. Please call +97144542366 for more detail information.

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