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Will the updated Golden Visa rules boost the UAE’s talent retention drive?


The UAE Government has taken the initiative to drive the economy at the same time making it a favorite destination for people who are traveling or planning to shift into western countries. UAE is the commercial hub and it is becoming one of the incredible places to live and work.

The UAE has lifted all the restrictions related to visas and increased flexibility in issuing different visas that attract visitors, job seekers, and investors from different countries.UAE remains one of the most attractive job markets that appeal to the regional and global talents where entrepreneurs and other working professionals are making their way in the market and looking for a break.

UAE tops the chart and becomes one of the most attractive work destinations for entrepreneurs and startup owners. The UAE has issued new rules lately that allow investors and other people to easily settle in the UAE for business purposes. The new and updated Golden Visa rules and regulations attract huge talent across the world, encourage huge investments in the UAE and also create new job opportunities.

This enhances the country’s position and also increases its global competitiveness making it an ideal destination to live, work, and invest in huge opportunities. The new VISA rules will be enforced and go into effect in September and are expected to appeal to a huge talent pool in the UAE.

The new changes in the Golden Visa are flexible, forward, and more dynamic. The wide range of skilled and qualified individuals who can come to the UAE with adequate security about their visa situation tends to reduce the uncertainty around the world.

This encourages the investors to reside in the UAE to make a great investment in the different sectors and help the economy to flourish at a higher pace.

The investors have more confidence in UAE to establish and expand their business by making significant investments in the workforce that generates long-term returns and reduces the risk. The ten-year residency reforms are attracting investors and also retaining the talent that increases the visibility of the UAE across the globe.

Golden Visa Attracts Job Seekers

The new rules have extended the validity of long-term visas that also provide great benefits to the family member residing in the country they are entitled to receive a grace period of 6 months after the expiration of residency.

The Golden Visa is more accessible to a larger number of people and it also attracts individuals with exceptional talent. The ease in restrictions increased the short-term entry visas that bolster the industry. These left a significant imprint on the UAE economy and business ecosystem that increases the growth of new industries also making it more accessible for foreign investors.

These changes will benefit the foreign investors and they can also acquire a visa for their families.

Flyingcolour® Business Setup Dubai Services can help the foreigners to retain their Golden Visa without any hassle and also take care of all the permits and documents required to start the process.


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