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World Expo 2020 Dubai UAE


Dubai expo 2020 is the most featured event whole world is looking forward to exploring numerous considerations on what this expo bring in legacy of Dubai. Being the world first expo in Middle East, Africa & south Asia, it will be a platform to foster creativity & innovations to encourage collaboration to celebrate human ingenuity.


Expo is an event meant for spreading innovation from all nations under one platform. It is organized in every five years lasting for the period of six months, this expo showcased more than 10000 objects projecting inventions from Industrial revolution.
Turning up with some amazing deliveries through this expo, World received the following creations:

Year of Expo Hosting By Invention Projected
1851 London Telegraph
1876 Philadelphia Typewriter
1900 Paris Diesel Engine
1964 New York Colour TV
1970 Osaka IMAX Films
2012 Yeosu Wireless Tram

Last expo of 2015 was held in Milan, Italy. Projecting theme of “Feeding the planet energy of life” they showcased their creation on solar trees & energy saving elevators which are sourced to be beneficial for all high rise building especially for countries like UAE.


With sincere two years of hard work dedication & committed approach of Sheikh Mohammed Bin Rashid (Vice President & ruler of Dubai), Dubai earned its victory by resounding majority with 116 votes beating Russia back with only 47 votes for hosting this eventful platform with theme of ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’ which is based on simple insights generating sustainable solutions to global issues demanding worldwide collaboration.


Located in the area of Dubai south near Al. Maktoum International Airport covering equal distance between Dubai & Abu Dhabi, the site covers 4.38 sq km & has four main entrances. The Plaza will connect total of three thematic districts enabling mobility through seven different entrances & exits.


Fully designed & prepared to transit over 46000 passengers every hour to expo site, Dubai metro route 2020 will take 16 minutes from Dubai Marina. Location is designed to build up a parking space to accommodate 30000 cars parking around the outer elements of the site. Site is also covering close proximity to established areas & renowned hotels of Dubai routing hassle free comfortable travelling.


Projecting theme of ‘connecting minds, creating the future’, Visitors can expect significant events including opening & closing ceremonies following up with sequence on “How Al.Wasl Plaza is expected to shape up”. This projection will deliver clarity featuring slides to both inside & outside viewers through a dome having 360* screen projector.
Each Participant Country will have its own pavilion beautifully enhanced by fountains, waterfalls. Parks & Palm line courtyard around.
The event is one of the largest & one of its kinds in exhibition globally will capture sight of international audiences at a leading platform for iconic architecture, Industrial revolution & exciting investment opportunities.

Visitors will find themselves exploring interactive pods at different pavilions & projecting on how they can be part of expo site in future. This will also serve an opportunity for people near & far to get benefit from the innovations & ingenuity showcased.

1. Dubai estimating its economy to boost by staggering $23 billion amounting 24.4% of overall GDP together with generation of around 277,000 jobs out of it.
2. It will stimulate the development in Dubai economy including strategic industries, specialized technologies, Social entities & educational facilities.
3. The site is planned to be reused or repurposed in the legacy phase which will bolster many other plans for growth for the country.
4. One of the renowned organizations Siemens has already announced to setup global logistic base on expo site from 2021. Similarly other big ventures are also actively considering same.
5. Exhibition center & conference room at expo will become major event venue to be operated by Dubai world trade centre.
6. Expo site is expected to be home for about 1 million residents along with 500,000 jobs in market once the site will be fully developed & ready.
7. The renowned taxi operator “UBER” announced to test flying cars at expo 2020 & has signed an agreement with Dubai Roads & Transport Authority.


Logo of expo 2020 been inspired by the ring found at 4000 year old archaeological desert site of Al Marmum, Dubai. Revealed by Sheikh Mohammed it displayed on Burj Khalifa last year as a winning Symbol for Expo Logo. It represents the message to the world about Dubai as deep rooted civilization catering a center for Innovation.

1. As the commercial & residential real estate prices are expected to go up, it is ensuring a direct advantage to any business setup before 2020 expo. This will also directly impact business setup industry both on the professional & personal front.
2. Dubai Expo 2020 event will deliver extraordinary changes to infrastructure. It happens to be well thought out plan for long term economic growth & development.
3. Goal of expo is not just to be a remarkable event but to create a legacy of development that will empower all major sectors thus cementing Dubai status as a hub for investments, trade, Tourism & Transport.
4. Vast investment on infrastructure for the expo gives the clear picture for the long term growth strategy in the country.
5. Dubai will solidify its position as a global aviation hub with the world’s largest airport to accommodate up to 220million passengers per year.
6. Expo event is also ensuring continuity of economic growth, infrastructure development & foreign investments even after closing.

This blog post is written by Ms. Shweta. Feel free to call our Business Advisor today for a quality consultation relating your Business queries. Please send enquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366.

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