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Visa Categories in UAE

Visa Categories in UAE – Investor Visa in UAE


UAE Investor Visa & Other Categories

UAE is considered the fastest-growing market in the Middle East region when it comes to business, employment, real estate and tourism. The UAE government has provided equal opportunities for people who want to visit and conduct business in the region. Different types of visas have been developed to accommodate varying situations such as the investor visa in UAE, visit visa, employment visa, and property visa.

Investor visa in Dubai. Isn’t it something you’re looking out for? Indian business applicants and business owners who want to establish their dream venture in the UAE can shorten the process by gaining an investor visa in Dubai. It is a multi-benefit visa that offers a fuss-free residence guarantee, tax breaks, and much more.

Furthermore, depending on your business goals and model, you can apply for the investor visa in UAE of your choice. As a result, you can apply for a 3-year, 5-year, or even 10-year investor visa in UAE.

The business experts at Flyingcolour® Dubai are visa specialists. As a result, it is preferable to contact them before applying for an investor visa in Dubai 2023.

Visit / Tourist Visa:

With a booming tourism sector, the government has developed 16 different types of visas. The tourist visa is designed to draw individuals to visit the UAE’s landmarks. For instance, the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, UAE is known as the world’s tallest building and is Dubai’s most popular tourist attraction. Categories of visit visas are mentioned below:

  • Short Entry(Visit) Visa valid for 1 month
  • Long Entry(Visit) Visa valid for 3 months
  • Multiple Entry Visa(max stay 14 days) valid for 6 months
  • Entry Visa Study valid for course duration
  • Medical Visa valid for 90 days
  • Tourism visa for 1 month
  • GCC resident visa for 1 month
  • Companions Visa
  • Mission Visa
  • Transit Visa

Employment Visas:

UAE has become now a business hub due to its fast economic growth and it is giving an equal chance to each and every individual in their career growth. The UAE government is allowing the private companies to recruit expats & apply employment visas for them. Work permits in the UAE fall in one of two categories: Limited and Unlimited. Limited permits are provided for workers working for positions that last for a specific period while unlimited permits are for contracts that do not specify an end date.

Investor / Partner Visas:

UAE government separates those who want to open a business in UAE either in FREE ZONES or in Main Land with economic departments in different states. Individuals who wish to invest or put up a business can apply for a partner or investor visa in Dubai and other parts of the UAE.

How much does an investor visa in UAE cost? To apply for an investor visa in Dubai, the applicant has to have more than AED 70000 worth of shares and deposit a refundable amount of AED 10000. This amount will be returned once the investor visa is cancelled. For applicants with less than AED 70000 shares, the security deposit will be AED 20000. Visa stamps cost extra.

Property Visa:

The UAE government opened a window for those individuals who invested in the property sector in UAE. Authorities are issuing 2-year residency visas in Dubai for a person who owns a property valued at over 1 Million Dirham. To apply for an investor visa in UAE, the property should not be mortgaged.

Property owners have to submit a copy of their passport and the title deed to the Economic Department of Dubai. The Department will issue a trade license on that property after getting the approval from Dubai Land Department. After getting the trade license in Dubai, the individual can go to the Immigration Department to obtain the 2-year residency visa.

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