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Divining the Economic Future – Why Should You Invest in the UAE?


Over the years, the United Arab Emirates (UAE) has risen as one of the best choices for people aspiring to start their own company and become their own boss. This country, simply dubbed “The Emirates,” is believed to have one of the most profitable and investor-friendly business environments in the region under the jurisdiction of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC).

Run by a visionary government that mandates pro-business and pro-investment policies, the UAE continues to open its arms to foreign investors. In fact, it has created more attractive incentives to motivate businessmen from other countries to dive into the ever-growing economy, and take advantage of the country’s rich culture and history.

If you’re still unsure whether you should start a company in the UAE, read on to learn more about its growing economy, the flexible government, and other reasons why many foreign investors see the country as an ideal place to launch and grow their businesses.

The Fastest Growing Economy in the GCC

According to analysts from the Institute of International Finance (IIF), the gross domestic product of the emirates is expected to reach a 3.1 percent growth by the end of 2019. This projection is higher than the estimated 2.9 percent for 2019. The report from IIF also indicates that the nominal GDP is set to reach a staggering $458 billion or Dh1.681 trillion by 2020.

Despite the slowdown in the growth expected to happen in 2020, the UAE is still considered one of the fastest growing economies, alongside Oman, in the GCC region. This significant achievement is attributed to growth in the non-oil products sector, the Dh50 billion-worth stimulus package from Abu Dhabi, and the projects connected to the Expo 2020 in Dubai.

Pro-Investor Government

Another important factor that contributes to the UAE’s viable business environment is its pro-investor government. The country is run by local governments that are willing to make immediate proactive policy changes whenever necessary to ensure that foreign investors have minimal worries when forming their own company.

This is a fact proven by the passing of amendments to laws in 2018 that include the 10-year visa provision for the expatriate population. This has not only encouraged students and entrepreneurs to remain in the country but has also fostered interest among investors from other countries.

Other laws passed to bolster the business environment include one that allows for 100 percent ownership for foreign businessmen running companies in non-free zone areas, as well as the easing of banking regulations on property lending initiated by the UAE Central Bank.

Optimal Environment for Business Launch and Growth

Economic progress and government-related advantages aside, the United Arab Emirates is generally an excellent place to start a business in because of several other reasons, including the ones listed below:

1.) Outstanding legal framework for foreign investors

Since the Emirati government wants to drive the economy by encouraging overseas investments, they have established a legal framework to make starting a business as a foreigner a lot easier. In fact, with the exception of criminal law, the UAE government crafted a separate set of rules for foreign nationals to make them feel safe and cared for in the country.

Most of the legal processes have been expedited, and red tape is reduced to almost zero. Plus, starting a business entails minimal paperwork, and the process has been fast-tracked for hassle-free trade license application, company setup, registration, and more.

2.) Tax benefits

Another crucial factor in the success of a business is the support a government can provide through taxes. This is most crucial for businessmen who want to grow their company in a foreign country as it can be challenging to manoeuver for minimum business taxes while maintaining healthy cash flow.

Fortunately, setting up shop in the UAE involves minimal issues when it comes to taxes. For one, the country offers several tax categories and business ownership patterns. The country also has free zones where foreign investors get as much as 100 percent tax exemption, zero corporate and income taxes, and 30 percent tax rebates on international TV and film production.

There is zero percent income tax in the country, providing relief to businessmen who hail from countries with high taxation.

3.) Strategic location

One of the most crucial factors in setting up a business is the location, which is why the UAE is an attractive place to start a company.

The country is placed strategically in the middle of the East and West which is beneficial for shipping routes, facilitating the transport of merchandise, and in ensuring access to emerging economies in Asia, Africa, Europe, and the rest of the Middle East.

4.) Impressive amenities and infrastructure

The United Arab Emirates is known for its state-of-the-art architecture, and it also boasts stellar infrastructure and amenities. The government has taken pains to ensure that no stone is left unturned by keeping the process of starting a business very easy.

With this resolve, the UAE government has provided infrastructure such as business parks, warehousing, transportation, office spaces, connectivity, and utilities for foreign investors to enjoy. In fact, Dubai was able to set up the largest wholesale city in the world, thanks to a Dh30 billion investment.

Foreign Investment Made Simple

Arguably the most viable place to start a business in the GCC, the UAE has taken every effort in establishing itself as an investor-friendly country that encourages foreigners to start their own company and reach financial freedom within its territories.

Flying Colour can help you become one of the fortunate overseas investors to make it big in the UAE.

So, if you need help in setting up a business in the UAE, or have business-related queries that require clarification, shoot us a message.

Flying Colour is here to guide you through the business formation process so you will be on your way to attaining success.


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