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Setting Up a Medical Billing Company in Dubai


What is a Medical Billing Business

In its interest to make Dubai a center point for excellent medical care services, as it is made mandatory for all its residents to have a health care insurance.
All the Medical facilities in UAE, be it an hospital, specialty clinic, diagnostic center, or a drug store, needs to Register themselves with suitable insurance agencies to take care and advise the major number of patients.

Subsequently, the process of handling of insurance claims is one of the many tasks taken care by the healthcare facilities to get their payments from exceedingly investigating insurance companies alongside expanding operating expenses and regulatory difficulties in order to keep their medical facility up and running. The outcome of neglecting this major task can result in delayed and diminishing income; increased working expenses and diminished operational efficiency and profits.

The practical solution would be to outsource the process to experts to produce a much faster return from insurance carriers and handle the claims with a high degree of accuracy. setting up a medical billing business plays an important part in the medical industry in today’s times. They are team of trained specialists that ensure that claims are submitted correctly and will follow up with denied claims.

Scope of Medical Billing Company

Medical Billing Companies are the link between the medical facilities, its patients and the insurance companies. They provide services like medical coding, patient demographic, revenue cycle management, account receivables, denial management; follow up with insurance, patient and claim Submission etc.
Medical Billing companies are firms engaged in submitting claims to insurance companies and patients on behalf of medical facilities (i.e. hospitals, clinics etc.) to ensure that their claims against their services are paid.

How to Set Up Medical Billing Company

Medical billing company falls in mainland under a professional license with Dubai Economic Department (DED). You can either setup the license as professional structure or also as a commercial structure as a Limited Liability Company (LLC).

Professional Licensing

In a professional license, please note that company can be 100% owned by an expatriate, but appointment of UAE National as Local Service Agent is mandatory.

Commercial Licensing

The structure of a commercial license will be 49% (expatriate) and 51% (UAE local National). There is an Annual Remuneration for the UAE National to be paid for which in return there will Side agreement signed between the expatriate & UAE National, stating that all the assets of the company belongs to the expatriate & the UAE National will not interfere in the management of the company

How to Start up Medical Billing Company

  • Trade Name Reservation
  • Initial Approval
  • Shareholder’s Digital Signature Verification at Department of Economic Development
  • Memorandum & Articles of Association (In case of LLC Company) / Local Service Agreement (In case of Professional License)
  • Final Submission
  • Issuance of License

Document Requirement

If an Individual is a Shareholder of a mainland Company, below documents required for

  • 2-3 Proposed Company Name
  • Passport Copy of Shareholders and Manager
  • UAE Visit Visa / Residence Visa
  • NOC from Current Sponsor (if applicant is holding UAE residence Visa)
  • Tenancy Contract and Ejari for the Lease Office.

Kindly note that an Company (Non-Individual) can also act as the Shareholder in this type of Company.

Facility Space Requirement

Business setup of a medical billing business could be on a Shared Office, Individual office or Business Center facility . The Minimum office size should be 200 sq. ft. Generally for a 200 sq. ft office, the company is eligible for 3 to 4 Employment Visa (Subject to Approval from labor) in addition to Investor Visas.

Investor Visa Eligibility Criteria

The license once is issued is eligible to have a maximum of 2 investor visa whose name appears on the MOA and having a minimum share capital of AED 70000 each.

How Much Does it Cost to Start a Medical Billing Company

Cost of business setup in dubai for medical billing may vary based on the number of partners, business types, legal type. It is mandatory to have a UAE National either as a Local Service Agent or a Shareholder depending on the license type. Medical billing companies provide solutions and makes it easier for medical facilities to smoothly ramp up and execute day-today functions without needing to hire, train and pay additional staff.
But with the help of expert advisors, we’ve pinned an approximate number to each of these costs, so you can start to understand, in a real sense, what your startup costs will look like.

Initial Govt. Cost for Setting Up a Medical Billing Company in Dubai


Professional License Govt Fee(AED)

Commercial License Govt Fee (AED)

Initial Approval



Tasheel Fee for Initial Approval



Trade Name Reservation



Court Fees (Approximately)

2,000 for Sole Establishment

3,200 for Civil Company


Final Submission



License fees (Approximately)



Additional Cost involved for Setting Up a Medical Billing Company in Dubai


Professional License Govt Fee (AED)

Commercial License Govt Fee (AED)

Office Rent As per client Budget As per client Budget
Market Fees 2.5% of annual rent 2.5% of annual rent
Foreign Trade Name 2,000 2,000
Additional Partners 1,000 for each additional partner 1,000 for each additional partner

Flyingcolour Business Setup, Accounting & VAT Services has helped several clients to setup business in Dubai and UAE in mainland, Free Zone & offshore with detailing all the steps, costs, regulations and legalities. This blog post is written by Ms. Ankita. Feel free to call today for a more detail on your business setup inquiry. Please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366.

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