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Start a Daycare Centre in the UAE 2024


Start a Daycare Centre in the UAE in 2024

The UAE is a lively country with numerous job opportunities. The nation is full of people bustling about doing their work. The country is also home to young parents busy with their official work. These young parents do not have enough time to give to their little ones. 

Due to their busy Jet-sitting and fast-paced lifestyle, working parents might need help to care for their children during working hours. Here is where the idea to Open Daycare Centre in the UAE comes in. However,  starting a daycare centre requires proper dedication.

If you are thinking about starting a daycare centre in the United Arab Emirates, you must spend your valuable time with us. We will provide you with an in-depth guide to Starting Day Care Business in Dubai and other emirates of the UAE.  In addition, we will highlight every crucial information you must know before starting a daycare centre in this country. 

Daycare Center in UAE

Why you should start a daycare business in UAE?

Both men and women living in the United Arab Emirates are either pursuing a job or running their own business. This factor creates a need to Start a Daycare Centre in the UAE 2024. Especially the mompreneurs require the help of Daycare centres for handling their newborn babies and growing children.  

Entrepreneurs who are teachers, love spending time with little ones, or hold experience in handling children can Start a Daycare Centre in the UAE. However, these people must have an entrepreneurial strike in them to run their daycare centre in this country. These centres can run in your home or a small office space in this nation.

The best thing about opening a daycare centre in this country is that you can get freedom from being tired of a standard 9 to 5 job. Instead of being dependent on traditional salaries, you can obtain complete control of your business and its earnings by opening a daycare business in the UAE.  In addition, you can increase your earning potential by reinvesting your earnings into your business.

If you have a child, you can also care for your little kid while managing your Daycare centre in the UAE. This factor will help you to save money and allow your children to socialize with other children. Opening your Daycare business in the UAE will lead you to a new prospect of the childcare profession. 

In short, working in the Daycare or childcare sector is a stable option for beginner entrepreneurs. The industry is expecting a seven percent growth rate in the UAE. In addition, you could be offered a new career or decide to further your degree.


Things to Consider Before Beginning a Day Care Center 

Before starting a daycare centre with a Daycare license in Dubai in 2024, you must understand that starting a daycare business is a big responsibility. In this business, you will take care of your client’s children.


 You will be responsible for their security, safety, meals, education, and the overall well-being of their children. You must hold patience, dedication, and financial resources to successfully start your Daycare business in the United Arab Emirates.  Apart from these factors, you must consider the following things:


  • You need Certified and skilled employees to care for the children of your clients
  • All the required tools to take care of the children
  • You must outline whether you will provide a home-based daycare facility or a designated location-based facility at the initial stages.
  • The range of age of the children or kids you will cater to
  • You must gather all security measures for the security and safety of the client’s children. 

Daycare Center in UAE

Documents Required to Start a Daycare Business in the UAE

You need a few documents to Start a Daycare Centre in the UAE 2024. Gathering these documents is crucial for the successful setting up of a Daycare business in this country. The following is the list of documents to gather for starting a Daycare business in this country:


  • The location or area and drawing for the proposed daycare centre
  • Photos of the business owner
  • Police clearance certificate
  • Municipality and Civil Defense Approval
  • Attested educational certificates and degrees of business owners or partners
  • Appointment letter of a national of the UAE or GCC as the daycare manager
  • Passport’s copies of the owner and Emirati partner


Apart from these documents, the relevant authority may ask you for additional documents based on other factors. 


Process of Starting a Daycare 

For starting a Daycare business in the UAE, you must follow a series of complex steps. However, a mistake in the following steps can ruin the whole process of starting a daycare business in Dubai and other Emirates of the UAE. Therefore, you must follow these steps carefully. Let us take a look at the steps to start your Daycare Centre in UAE:


  1. You should start the process of opening a Daycare Centre in the UAE by creating a comprehensive business plan, including an overview, market analysis, and financial projection. 
  2. After creating a solid business plan, you should choose a unique and compliant name for your daycare centre.
  3. Once you have chosen the trade or business name for your daycare business, you must decide on your business legal structure, such as LLC or sole proprietorship.
  4. After deciding on the legal structure, you should find a suitable location adhering to KHDA regulations. In addition, you should sign a tenancy agreement for the selected location.  
  5. After finding a suitable place for your Daycare centre, you should hire qualified and experienced staff who are passionate about child care. You should conduct a deep interview and background checks to ensure the safety and well-being of the children.
  6. At this stage, you should apply for KHDA permits after obtaining DED approvals.
  7. You should equip your centre with tools for child development and education.
  8. You must develop a childcare manual for parents’ trust, covering goals, nutrition, activities, and more.
  9. You must implement precautions to prevent children from the spread of disease. This step will ensure children nutrition’s needs are being fulfilled.
  10. At last, you should develop a structured activity plan to promote children’s development. 

How Can Flyingcolour Help You?

Starting a Daycare business in the UAE is a profitable business to operate in the UAE. However, setting up a business in this country requires proper dedication. Flyingcolour Business Setup can help you to start your Daycare centre in this country. In addition, we will provide helpful suggestions to begin your Daycare centre in this country. 

To learn more about the Start a Daycare Centre in the UAE in 2024, book a free consultation with one of the Flying Colour team advisors, simply call +971 50 5585305 or send WhatsApp messages to +971 4 4542366you can also drop an email to info (at) flyingcolour (dot) com.

*Please note that this article was published on 07/03/2024 by the federal policies and updates at the time of writing. For the latest info please talk to our consultant

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