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Trade Name in UAE


Company Name in Dubai and UAE

Nomenclature of a business is a primary part for the entrepreneur. The trade name is the first word which reaches to a client through which every company tries to deliver the core reason of their business or what they believe in. The trade name often contains suffix of the business activity and also disclose a little information about the legal classification of the company. Also it carries sometimes the operational area of the company. Hence, a proper nomenclature of a company is at the utmost important for an entrepreneur for their business setup in UAE.

Rules for selecting business name in UAE

  • Use of famous brand name fully or partially – you can’t use any famous company name (example Emaar, Baskin Robins etc) as your own company name whether fully or partially.
  • Use of any existing name in the same jurisdiction – Same name of an existing company in the same jurisdiction can’t be used by other company.
  • Copyright protected name – A copyright protected name can’t be selected as a new name for a company. Hence it is always better to check the company name on internet while thinking of the name.
  • Name of Allah – The trade name can’t have the name of Allah or any of his divine attributes like whether in English or in Arabic like Al Razzaq, Al Aleem etc.
  • Offensive words – The trade name can’t consist of any offensive word.
  • Regional places – Trade name cannot use words like Dubai, Emirates, UAE, Gulf etc.
  • Individual Name – If the trade name is in the name of an individual then his first name and then the family name can be used and the person should be a shareholder in the company. Names should be written literally and not translated.
  • Ruling authority name or slogans – The trade name can’t have the name of the ruling authority or the slogans belonging to local, regional or international organization.
  • Punctuation mark – The name should not include any punctuation mark.
  • Reflection of the activity – A trade name in mainland must be reflecting its business activity.

Trade Name Government Charges

  • Trade name registration fees is having a cost of Approx. AED 620/-
  • Trade name in Arabic language does not cost any additional trade name charges except above mentioned registration fee.
  • If the name contains special features or foreign words , then there is an additional fee of AED 1000 to 2000 at the time of getting license and the total amount should not exceed AED 3,000.

Documents required for applying a trade name

  • Photocopy of your Emirates ID card and passport for expat residences.
  • Passport copy for a UAE National.
  • GCC other then UAE national required their national id or passport copy.
  • Photocopy of a valid visit or tourist visa and entry stamp page for non resident expats in UAE.

Trade name regurgitation certificate will be provided once the trade name approved and it cannot be used by any other company.
The trade name plays a very important role for the branding of the company. Hence, a wise selection of a trade name after considering all the rules and regulations for the country is required. Some entrepreneurs approach some websites also providing their requirements to get different names generated by different people to select the best one. It should always be taken into consideration to minutely think about the activity of the business and to select a name to attract and retain clients. Last but not the least the name should not breach public orders or the morals.

Flyingcolour Business Setup, Accounting & VAT Services in Dubai and UAE has helped several clients setup their business in Dubai, detailing all the steps, costs, regulations and legalities. This blog post is written by Ms. Ananya. Feel free to call today for a more detail on your business setup inquiry. Please send inquiry to info[at]flyingcolour[dot]com or call +971 4 4542366.

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