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An Ultimate Guide to Offshore Business Model in the UAE


The offshore company is registered legally to operate outside the registered territory of its owners. The businesses can easily set up their business offshore and are allowed to commence business activities outside the UAE. Many corporations tend to move offshore as they have the flexibility to start a business with fewer regulations and low taxes.

There are multiple benefits of setting up an off-shore business depending on the jurisdiction and where they want to set up the business. If you aren’t aware of the rules and regulations it is advisable to take assistance from the industry experts FlyingColour Business Setup Services.

Steps for setting up an off-shore business in UAE

Selection of Offshore company

The selection of the off-shore company requires choosing the jurisdiction in which the company will operate its business. According to the type of the company and select a name of the company which should be unique and offensive in any way. FlyingColour Business Setup Services helps you with the business set up as they have proper knowledge of the laws, taxes, and more that allows the business to operate seamlessly without any hassle.

Submit the Documents for setting up an offshore company

The next step involves the submission of the documents i.e. documentation fees, KYC forms, personal documents, business plan, and much more to set up an offshore company in UAE.

Incorporation of the off-shore company

The incorporation of the off-shore company requires opening up of a bank account and the obligations needed to be understood by the company owners. The documents should be registered within the 6-8 weeks of the registry. It should be issued within 2 days of the application submission.

Benefits of an offshore company

There is a series of benefits of the offshore business in the UAE

  • Lower Taxes
  • Minimal Accounting
  • Auditing
  • Better Location for business
  • Asset and Lawsuit Protection
  • Low Manufacturing Labor Costs
  • 100% Foreign ownership
  • No corporate taxes
  • Property Ownership

Are offshore companies legal to do business with?

The setup of off-shore companies is legal in the UAE also they are exempted from paying any kind of taxes. The UAE has signed a Double Tax Avoidance Agreement with 80 counties to make these companies more beneficial and allow them to set up in the UAE with flexible rules. The business can easily form an offshore company as it doesn’t require huge maintenance and can be operated with multiple currency bank accounts with local and international brands. 

UAE is one of the best places to start the off-shore business model as it offers a series of benefits and it is legal. It is one of the best investments that require proper privacy and expert guidance. FlyingColour Business Setup Services team of experts helps you in every step of the way starting from the formation to setting up without any hassle. If you’re a foreign business looking to set up their business model in UAE offshore business is well-suited as it is cost-effective.

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