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Dubai as Investment Prospects


Under the discussion when we say two words “Dubai” and “Investment”, it has difference in meanings and even in Pronunciation! But when we combine these words for investment planning it gives us feeling of comfort for investment and business planning. If we keep the vision of investment and plan to start business, the most popular and reliable place to invest assets these days is Dubai, now this city is services hub for the whole world. From all over the world people are rushing towards this place, now if we ask why? Hundred of reasons we can count on fingers. Some of major reasons we can discuss below:

  • Basic living standards are perfect and for everybody like food cloths, good livings and healthcare.
  • Transport and communication sector has been implemented with perfect planning’s.
  • Perfect law and order situation and crime free place to live. Security is equal for everyone.
  • Cosmopolitan style of living.

At the time we conclude all above characteristics it defines a prosperous society and prosperous society is an ideal state to stay long and where you stay long you make plan to invest there. Due to all these qualities and facilities, Dubai is an ideal place for investment.

Now we will see some industrial parameters which are vital part of Dubai growth:

Tourism (One of the most influential part in the economy of Dubai which stimulating the economy and government of Dubai putting more and more in this industry and Dubai having best tourism infrastructure in the world and day by day, it is increasing in term of revenue generating and facilities providing to the tourist).

Tax free city (Another extreme part of facility in Dubai is a free taxation, from all over the world people are coming for employment and business in fact they are putting their efforts in right place to get maximum).

Business policies (Related to all other systems in Dubai, business sector has its own importance in the growth of Dubai economy. Government offering excellent perk and packages to start business in UAE easy to get permit  to start business and get visa facilities even introduced numerous free zone area options to work with 100% owner ship).

End of discussion if we combine all above benefits, it is quite clear that Dubai is a place to live with safety and security. And these two characteristics make the society prosperous and prosperous society is an ideal society for investment, so it is justify that   “DUBAI IS AN IDEAL STATE FOR INVESTMENT PROSPECTS” Or we can say, “Dubai is without a doubt destination of 21st century”.

This article is written by Senior Business Consultant, Mr. Osama.

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