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Small business startup idea & cost in Dubai UAE


Everyone has a wish to grow in life with no limits!!! And to get these dreams true we always approach the suitable geographic locations and places. How lucky we are!! A land of opportunities – Dubai where thousands of opportunities are waiting to be grabbed and settled.

The Middle East top trading economy, where Laws, systems, Rules regulations and unmatched infrastructure are remarkable to have the business plat form here.

Dubai is going to host the world’s largest trading event “EXPO 2020” which is expecting 25 million visitors from OCT 2020 to April 2021, where there is no need to describe how opportunities will pop in.

Following are the details of some fruitful businesses to start with small investment and grow fast as per the efforts. Dubai is growing very fast as population is increasing day by day, due to this rise, definitely opportunities will appear automatically and demand will be increase so the outcome will be positive. Following are the areas where we can invest our time and wealth for a better growth

Trading: Multinational environment and culture provides you the more opportunity to introduce your business (Food stuff, Garments, Electronics, Leather, Gift Items, Building material Etc) to various geographical entities. So there is more productivity on one platform. It is a cake walk to get the effective legal process to get the work and residence permit.

Ecommerce (Online Business): various swift and cost effective options to setup on line businesses. This trend is fast growing and government has introduced n number of easy options to start with.

For example – whose valuation reported $ 1 billion

Service Sector: Restaurants, Coffee shops, cafeterias, Typing shops, management, marketing, advertising, HR and many other services based businesses are flourishing rapidly with small investment.

Travel & Tourism Business: As Tourism is the core business in Dubai, and one of the most popular destine to host the people around the world. So there are huge opportunities to establish the travel and tourism business.

To conclude the result for this practice, one more important point to be noted, that is marketing research for your concern business. The plays a pivotal role for any business be it small medium or large scale. Here I assure you that, you will find a positive response in the market and you will be motivated to initiate your plan.

My Personal Experience about opportunities in UAE:

I entered in UAE 2006, joined a Local bank in retail banking. The very first day of work, I was scared about the market and how would it work out to me. There were numerous question of will is be successful or not? But I was supported and motivated by my management as they taught me how to get success from this approach of work culture.

All the success is possible with a right planning!! I approached the right market started meeting the right people. End of the month i had a database of 300 clients which was sufficient for me to make good platform in UAE market. Since 2006 to till date, I am earning my life with those clients. I hope this would enlighten your idea of starting the work in this potential multi cultured market.

Note: Reason I quote my personal experience is a smallest example, of normal person to start planning his job in UAE, So if you are planning for your own business then SKY IS THE LIMIT FOR YOUR SUCCESS!!

Approximate initial investment:

Jurisdiction Fees Residence Visa
Free Zone License (Trading / Services) $ 570 per month (yearly) $ 1500.00 for 3 years.
Mail Land License (Trading / Services) $ 13300.00 approx. $ 1089 for 3 years.
Offshore $ 2700.00 Yearly Yearly.

This blog is written by Osama Saeed working as a Senior Business Consultant at flyingcolour business setup services Dubai.

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