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How to Obtain a Technical services license in Dubai?


The business choice is an integral part as it allows for the smooth functioning of the company. Entrepreneurs can choose professional services based on their business activities such as marketing, industrial license, or a commercial license for trading activities.

These are divided into further broad categories where they have different licenses suited to more niche services. The technical service license in Dubai is the type of commercial license which is quite useful for the business as it covers some specific types of business activities.

Activities included in the Technical Service License

The technical services cover a huge area of the business. Numerous activities fall under the same spectrum and business owners can easily opt for the business activity that complements their needs. There is a list of activities under which you can opt for a technical service license such as

  • Plumbing and Sanitary contracting.
  • Electrochemical Equipment Installation.
  • Painting, Contracting, and Apparatus Installation.
  • Insulation contracting and electricity transmission.
  • Plaster and Cladding works.
  • Floor and wall tiling works.
  • Building cleaning services.
  • Air-conditioning and ventilation.
  • Carpentry and floor contracting.
  • Plaster and Cladding works.
  • Engraving and ornamentation work.
  • Air Filtration system installation and maintenance.
  • Satellite Equipment installation and maintenance.
  • Electrical fittings.
  • Partition and Ceiling Contracting.

Benefits of Technical services License in Dubai Mainland

  • The technical service license is exempted from any kind of personal or corporate taxes.
  • The license allows you to provide your services to all companies that are available across the UAE.
  • The technical license in Dubai Mainland allows you to apply for government projects.
  • The mainland license doesn’t have to be the minimum capital requirement.
  • There are no currency restrictions on the technical services license activities in Dubai.
  • The technical service license in Dubai has no limit on work visa applications.
  • The option to lease out office space in Dubai in addition.
  • 100% repatriation of profits and income.
  • The Easy business setup process.
  • The license doesn’t require a proper audit report.

Benefits of getting a technical service license in Dubai Freezone

There are major benefits of setting up a technical service company in UAE free zones such as 

  • They offer affordable license suits for a series of industries.
  • The free zones provide the easiest and quick business incorporation which supports different business activities.
  • Further financial incentives can be retained such as 100% tax exemption and zero currency restrictions.

Steps for getting a Technical Service License in Dubai UAE

The technical service license in Dubai can be easily retained with the help of experts at FlyingColour Business Setup Services. It involves following a series of steps to get the commercial license in no time.

Pick between Mainland & Freezone License

The location is one of the major factors that play an important role in setting up a technical services company as both UAE Mainland and Free Zones offer special benefits. Depending upon the nature of the business one can decide the nature of your business.

Selecting the company name

In UAE, there are defined guidelines when finalizing the company name. The name should adhere to the specified rules and regulations. The chosen name will be easily approved by the relevant government authorities.

License application and documentation

The application for the technical services can be submitted to the Department of Economic Development for the mainland license or to respective free zones for the free zone license. It is advisable to put the application in proper order and make sure it has zero errors.

Documents required for Technical License in Dubai

When applying for the technical service license in Dubai the following documents are required as

  • Passport-size photograph against the white background.
  • Visa page entry stamp.
  • Passport copies of the shareholders.

Cost of Technical Service License in Dubai, UAE

There are seven different Emirates in the UAE. The cost of the technical license cost in Dubai, Sharjah, or Ajman differs on several factors. The cost is also affected by the company size, chosen business activity, choice of location, and other factors that impact the overall cost of the license.

Technical service license cost in Dubai Mainland starts at AED 18500 which includes some additional charges such as DED approval, license registration charge, and municipal sponsor fees.  The further employment visa, office space, and other overhead charges.

Dubai has the greatest economy which received a huge setback from the negative effects of COVID-19. However, the UAE government has taken many initiatives that helped the economy recover like never before. The establishment of technical services in Dubai can provide high returns. FlyingColour Business Setup Services helps you from the scratch in the company formation, choosing of freezone, business setup In Dubai Free Zone, and expert services at the best price. We help you build your business from the ground and help you up and running in no time without any hassle in Dubai, UAE.

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